Office partitions styles and uses

Why to apply office partitions – choice?!

In a perfect world, the office is a calm space where everyone is busy with their duties and completing their projects in a quiet and peaceful environment without distraction from co-workers or noises of the office complex. Until now this ideal working environment was very difficult to create. However, the designers came with what is now known as office partitions to provide the workers with more possibilities to work in a low-stress tranquil atmosphere.

The idea of installing office dividers in refurbishment plans originally seemed to be unsuccessful in bringing working spaces to life, because our traditional impression of the partition is that it is a solid surface with dull shades. However, nowadays the choice is enormous in terms of aesthetics, dimensions, and styles.

For example, some time ago office wall partitions were indeed really dull and straightforward, intended mostly for practical reasons, but now branding and customization are common features of these type of walls. In fact, brands often cannot make good use of the wall surfaces to display their logo, some production-related imagery, or just a combination of colors which relates to the company’s business.

Indeed, social psychology plays a role in choosing between solid or glass office partitions, with designs that enhance positivity, creativity and productivity. The advantages of these walls and office partition panels are numerous, but let us highlight several most important ways in which the benefits office divisions are manifested.

Using partitioning panels means that the divisions on the office floor may be kept separated from each other so that the visitors can easily recognize the segregation of departments. The use of glass panels or added windows will create a feel of openness, which is appealing for people’s community.

A popular partition system is a single or double panel separating screens, which are intended for easy traffic and creative looks. Often, they are used to create a small break area, but may also be used effectively to part marketing from sales or accounting from design, for example.There is no doubt that the use of dividers and partitions may completely change the looks of an office. For employees, this will help to create a pleasant working place, and a new style of working environment can have positive impacts on the working experience and outcomes.

Another advantage of the use of office dividers is the possibility to create private working environments. The secluded areas may be cleverly worked out in the new design. For example, an S shape design may result in two private spaces for informal meetings to take place, without distracting other workers from their projects.

The office space dividers may be made of different materials, including wood, plastic, glass, plexiglass or fabrics. They may be constructed in different styles, such as sliding panels, portable dividers, movable free standing partitions, etc. Check out our collection of office partitions pictures in our gallery. Maybe, we will help you to come up with new ideas for office space organization.

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